Deep Learning Corner

Information Power
Company, Inc.


Welcome to Information Power Company, a company of highly skilled programmers and analysts. It is small enough to be flexible and responsive to client needs, but with its network of partners and colleagues, it is large enough to handle complex requirements that cross disciplines. There are several benefits to working with a quality company of this size:

  • Individualized attention
  • Dedicated analysts and programmers
  • Quick turnaround


IPC offers several services, which can be provided separately, or merged to create a full, life-cycle maintenance program.


Analysis of Business Needs


We confer with you and your staff to determine business goals, processes, and procedures. We understand that software must support those goals and processes if it is to add value to the company.


Contract Programming


We produce applications that operate exactly the way the client specifications demand. This produces software that supports the clients exact procedures, something that off-the-shelf, "vanilla" software can never do. When specifications do not exist or are no longer current, an analysis of business needs can create or revise them.


Full Life Cycle Development


Software is not static; it needs testing and maintenance. IPC not only tests thoroughly, but can monitor performance and collect requests for new features. IPC can also make recommendations concerning hardware or configuration changes as they affect the software.


Requirements Technology


Intelligent Automated Business Analysis that is more affordable than traditional methods. We are dedicated to the development of automated tools to allow business users to provide requirements and benefit from automatic and inexpensive generation of the software specifications. The software development team, including programmers and database administrators, work from the software specifications to produce the complete software application.

Contact us:
Phone 303-750-8495